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  Vastu Tips

Correct Vastu of a place is said to have positive effect on one’s health, peace, steady prosperity, harmony in family, financial progress and better marital relations. Basically Vastu is supposed to be a way of synchronizing the five fundamental elements in this Universe ie, Earth, Sky, Fire, Air and Water, with the eight directions ie, East, West, North, South, North East, North West, South East and South West, and also with the gravitational and the electro-magnetic force of the Earth.

Vastu Tips : Residential Property

    Direction                                   Best suited for
    1.    East
                          -              Living room, Study room, Guest room, Bathroom.

    2.    West                         -              Dinning room, Children room, Study room, Toilet.

    3.    North                        -              Main entrance, Living room, Treasury.

    4.    South                        -              Store room, Bedroom.
    5.    North East                -              Main entrance, Prayer room/Temple.

    6.    North West               -              Guest room, dining room, study room, washing place.
    7.    South East
                -              Kitchen, Tulsi plant

    8.    South Wes                -              Master bedroom, dressing room, wardrobes, storing heavy items.


Vastu Tips : Commercial Property

            Direction                                   Best suited for
    1.    East
               -   Main entrance, storing light items, staff working area.

    2.    West              -   Display room, toilet, store room.

    3.    North             -   Main entrance, Finance area.

    4.    South             -   Storage of heavy items, seating for no. 2 person in the company.
    5.    North East     -   Main entrance, Reception area, Temple, storing light weight items.

    6.    North West    -   Display room, Sales/Marketing staff area, Computer room, toilet.
    7.   South East
     -   Purchase Department, Computer server, R & D Department, electric meter & gadgets.

    8.   South West     -   Main Boss Cabin, Storage of heavy items.


Vastu Tips : General Additional Info

  The Over Head Water Tanks should ideally be placed in the South West direction of the plot, but that on North East is not acceptable.

   2.  Plots having a regular square or rectangular shape are considered good, however plots having oval, triangular, star shape, semi circular are not considered vastu positive.

   3.  Plots surrounded by roads from three sides are not considered good.

   4.  Plots surrounded by roads on its North and East side are excellent.

   5.  Plots elevated towards the South and lower towards the North are good.

   6.  The height of any building towards its South and West should ideally be higher than its North, East & North - East side.

   7.  The sleeping position should ideally be where your head is placed towards South or East direction.

   8.  The best direction for sitting in the office is facing North, East or North East.

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